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Business tax laws are complicated and continue to become more complex each year.

Mistakes are costly so proper guidance is essential. You can trust the team at Dawn M. Kay, CPA, P.C. to steer you in the right direction to maximize profits and minimize taxes.

Proper tax planning is vital to businesses of all sizes.  Proactively developing and diligently following a plan to minimize the tax consequences of your business transactions will help enable you to reach your goals.  Throughout the year we are available to discuss and offer guidance on key business decisions.  After all, your business will evolve and tax laws will change.

We provide tax planning and preparation for business federal and state returns and individual tax planning and preparation for business owners and key employees. In addition, should you ever be audited by the IRS or state tax authorities, we can represent you or your business.

Our Tax Services Include:


Federal and state business tax planning and preparation


Individual tax planning and preparation for business owners and key employees


Representation before the IRS or state taxing authorities


Retirement plans